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There will come a time when you, your parents and your medical team feel that you are ready to move from care by a paediatric (children’s) team to an adult team.
This transition will usually occur over a period of 1-2 years and may start when you’re about 15 years old.
Before moving to an adult clinic, it is important that you

  • have a good understanding of your illness
  • can manage your treatment
  • are confident in taking care of yourself
  • know when and how to ask for help if you are unwell.

Some nurses and doctors use an assessment called HEADSS which may involve talking with you and your parents/carers as part of the assessment of readiness for transition to work out how you’re going with managing your IBD and how much it’s affecting your life.
HEADSS stands for Home, Education/Employment, Activities (things you’re able to do), Drugs, Sex, Safety.
They’ll have a think about what’s going on for you, and the HEADSS can help them decide if you’re ready.

What’s the transition like?

The transition from paediatrics to adult services can feel like a blur.
Some people say that it happens really quickly.
You might not feel like you have enough information. Or you might feel like you need more time to process it all.
The process can seem pretty scary, but remember that lots of people have been through this before.
If you feel unsure, talk to your medical team. They should take the time to explain things better to you.
Your paediatric team will not transfer your care to an adult team until you feel confident and ready to make this move.